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Costa Rica Surf Packages

Looking for the best surf lodge in Costa Rica? Our Costa Rica Surf Packages Offer the Best Bang for Your Buck

Now is the perfect time to visit a surf lodge in Costa Rica. There are so many reasons surfers choose Costa Rica - the excellent waves, friendly locals, high level of security, economic stability, and fantastic value for US dollars, Canadian dollars, and especially euros. The best Guanacaste surf lodging can be found at Playa Negra Surf Lodge. There are so many choices in the Guanacaste area, but we can confidently say that no one matches our commitment to quality and drive to take care of every detail of each guest's stay. We offer 2 kinds of all-inclusive packages, which many people have found are the best Costa Rica surf packages around. You're going to have such a memorable experience, and your photos will be totally Instagram-worthy, when you choose Playa Negra Surf Lodge, which is conveniently located right in Veintisiete de Abril District, Costa Rica. Those who know Costa Rica at all know that the best waves can be found in Guanacaste, and the best surf lodge in Costa Rica is Playa Negra Surf Lodge. Stop endlessly searching for Guanacaste surf lodging and just book your room at Playa Negra Surf Lodge - you won't regret it for a second! We offer competitive rates for enticing Costa Rica surf packages, with tiered price points depending on what time of year you plan to travel. 

Our rooms are always clean, comfortable, beautiful, and our hotel is in a central area, but still tucked away so it's not too loud. You'll be able to enjoy and relax to the fullest! We even have a fantastic restaurant on-site, called Restaurant Jalapeno eatery & market, that'll be the perfect place to relax after lots of fun surfing. We offer a fire pit, dipping pool, and hammocks for you to enjoy whenever you have some free time, too. Whether you want to book a weekend or a whole week, go by yourself or with a whole crew of friends, we'd be happy to accommodate you at Playa Negra Surf Lodge. Click around on our website, read some reviews online, and don't hesitate to make your reservation today. We're a small, family-owned hotel, so we take care of every detail to make sure you get the best possible experience. Pura Vida!!

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