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Costa Rica Travel

Have the best possible Costa Rica travel experience when you stay at the Playa Negra Surf Lodge

There are so many incredible destinations in Costa Rica and surrounding countries that are constantly enticing people to visit, so it can be hard to try to figure out which one would be best. There are too many variables to consider! But the good news is that you can plan your visit Costa Rica without even a tiny bit of fuss or stress. One of the best Costa Rica travel destinations is Playa Negra – in fact, it draws beach lovers and surf enthusiasts from all over the world every year – especially from the US, Canada, and Europe. Many Costa Rica travelers have found that they can get a really awesome vacation experience there without spending much of their hard-earned money, if they’re wise. Sure, there are plenty of fancy hotel options, but there’s a high quality, boutique-style hotel right in Veintisiete de Abril District, Costa Rica, that is ideal for couples, groups of friends, families, and solo travelers. 

Playa Negra Surf Lodge is the best place to stay for a visit Costa Rica. Playa Negra is one of the top Costa Rica travel destinations, and now is a great time to check it off your bucket list. In fact, to make your vacation as delightful as possible, we offer various all-inclusive packages. You won’t have to worry about comparing prices, ordering taxis, or any other hassles often involved in traveling when you let us do all the hard work and just take some time off to relax. Sip a beer by the pool, take your spouse for a walk on the beach, take a nap in a hammock… there are infinite ways to get the most out of your Costa Rica travel experience when you book a stay at the Playa Negra Surf Lodge. Check out our reviews online and you'll see that so many recent travelers have made incredible memories at our hotel. We look forward to welcoming you soon. Pura Vida!!

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