Some of Our surf spots 

Playa Negra

Reef point break, waves are constant, magical offshore winds. You can surf all tides.

The main peak at Playa Negra is a short right reef break with hollow sections. Occasionally on high tide you’ll get a left from the main peak, and there’s another left a bit further south. It’s up to your skill level.



This beautiful black sand beach is 30-minutes drive away. Known for its picturesque waves and perfect left and right barrels. A rock/reef formation about 500 meters offshore crosses up the incoming swell and creates powerful A-frame peaks up and down the beach with some of the heaviest waves in the country. 

Sandy Beach

Beach break, Immediately south of Playa Negra, fun and good for maneuvers. It works betters in the winter when it’s raining which creates better sandbars.Perfect for beginners. .


A short drive from our property this beginner-friendly spot, quality left-hand wave that has been compared to Indonesia on strong south swells. 


About 500m walk south from Playa Negra is the Callejones reef which is more exposed to southern swells, so when waves are small in Playa Negra, you can usually find waves here. There are a couple of outer reefs which are surf able when the swells are big and there is the right direction.

River Mouth

The river mouth which can produce some long rides and barrels on a good sizable swell. A shallow rock on the outside forms a peak that peels all the way to the inside where advanced surfers can get barreled.

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